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Kissing is something we often take for granted, at least as adults. But let's be real: you can always improve upon the art of lip-locking. While your first instinct might be to pull out all the stops and impress your partner with some cherry-stem-knotting kisses, remember that the first kiss is actually more about what you don't show them. You want to draw them in enough so that they come back for more.
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We Asked 14 People How to Make Kissing Even Better

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10 Sexy Kissing Tips

Try not to bash teeth or any teeth-related hardware together. Fresh breath is generally appreciated. Other than those kinds of broad rules, kissing is a lot like sex in its uniqueness. Each person has their own preferences, which can change throughout their lifetime. As a sex educator, coach, and human with kissing experience, I know that what makes a toe-curling kiss for one person might fall flat for somebody else. Some people prefer a rougher, more intense kiss, while others want it slow and soft.
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How to Kiss a Man - Top Kissing Tips for Women

It's not the easiest kissing technique to perform, but it's great for doing something different that's also quite hot. It's especially good during any face to face sexual or cuddling position. Start by kissing your partner on the lips as you normally would.
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These kissing tips were submitted by our readers here at GetRomantic. If she is laying down draw one of her arms above her head and lightly hold her hand. Commence by kissing the soft area on the inside of her upper arm — from her elbow down to her chest. For variation, trail the tip of your tongue in a zigzag down this area.
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