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A World Apart

Gayle Gentry is a hairdresser who works hard to support herself and her two teenage children.

When handsome young Alexander Ellison offers her a hefty fee to come to his ranch and 'do' his mother's hair, she jumps at the opportunity to earn a few extra dollars.

Her immediate attraction to the arrogant, complex, and reserved Alexander is more than she bargained for, and could also earn for her a broken heart.

A Second Splendor

Julie Anderson is not happy when her ex-husband comes to town early to attend their daughter Sharon's wedding. He brings with him a host of bad memories and that same old attitude. Max has always been more trouble than she can handle. He has broken her heart in the past - not once, but twice.

Max returns home hoping for one last chance to make things right with Julie. He is caught in a double bind when he encounters the unstable circumstances surrounding his daughter's coming marriage. She is set to marry Dan Garner, the son of Julie's business partner, but he suspects her heart belongs to Brett Morrison, the former man in her life. The situation begs for his intervention. He intrudes with the best of intentions. When he does all hell breaks loose.

Buy it today from Desert Breeze Publishing

Buy it today from Desert Breeze Publishing
Honky Tonk Cowboy

In 1966, Sarah Scott is paroled from federal prison with one thought in mind: to put her shameful past behind her, and once more gain control of her life.

She meets Blake Hamilton, ex-rodeo cowboy turned nightclub owner. The chemistry between this unlikely pair is explosive and instantaneous. A chance meeting leads to passionate encounter that blossoms into a tempestuous affair.

Blake’s family disapproves of Sarah. Her few friends dislike Blake. Sarah wants forever. Blake lives only for today.

Common sense tells Sarah her affair with Blake will end in heartbreak. When did passion ever listen to common sense?


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